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Another year of DV8 Fest has sadly come to a close but what a great weekend it has been! We had the privilege of playing for the second year running and I honestly cannot decide which year I loved more, I think if I was forced to choose I would say this year but that could just because it is fresher in my memory?

Not only was I playing at the festival but this year I was helping Chris Sherrington (the genius behind the DV8fest) manage the Stereo stage. Each night was incredible but incase you where not there I will talk you through the magic of each night.

Hobgoblin Stereo Stage

Friday 29th June

The Friday night was opened with some comedy performances from Marc Burrows,  Terms of Unnervement and Andrew O’Neill. Both Marc and Andrew’s stand up comedy got the crowd laughing and excited for the acts to come. However upon the announcement of Terms of Unnervement there was a confused hush amongst them, no one was quite sure what Mister Joe Black’s short piece was going to involve. It was not until the (Benny Hill Theme) music began to play that the audience finally began to get involved and the humour spread amongst them. Also i must ad, we had the incredibly talented punk poet Henry Raby as our guest compare for the evening, he read a poem about a steampunk dinosaur #AWESOME!The comedy acts were a great start to what was to be a fantastic line up of an evening!


Abdou, the first band of the evening managed to build the audience up even more,       the band has a constantly changing line up depending on the event, so for those of you who saw this it may have been a one off line up for them, after all their website’s family tree shows there to be 52 different versions of the band! well wherever these guys came from they played fantastically, they went down a storm, the crowd were extremely hyped up after these guys!

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing:

I was positioned near the merch when these guys finished and there was such a rush to get to buy cd’s that people couldnt get in or out around the fans. It seemed that this was a popular choice of band that night as the audience filled in ready fo them to start and were asking about cd’s before they had even started. The excitement in the room heightened as they set up the stage, they were greeted by a great cheer once they began.

These guys set was so tight and flowed fantastically it didn’t leave time to drift away in between, you were hooked throughout it (even if you wanted to pee you forced yourself to wait!)

Mister Joe Black:

Upon meeting Joe I did not quite know what to expect from his performance, he was quite shy and he seemed introverted and ever so polite, yet as soon as he got on stage this huge voice captured everyone with it’s slight rough edges and glorious tone. His comedic songwriting had the audience rolling around, his storytelling is crisp making sure every word can be caught keeping the laughs going throughout. He also played a mean accordion and ukulele (a man after my own heart). The highlight of the night for me was the singer from The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing joining Joe onstage with his singing saw to do a dark and slightly twisted version of you are my sunshine This man somehow strikes the balance of being both a perfect gentleman and an eccentric anarchist.

 Saturday 30th June

Before the evenings show I took the time to venture down to the National Centre For Early Music to catch the Professors Chap Hop workshop and do some alternative shopping. I was too late to participate in the workshop but I stayed to watch him make a a song about socks with the crowds help, needless to say this was hilarious. The market was brimming with different stalls, I promised myself I was only going to window shop but i ended up buying a green cravat, a matching green handkerchief and a lovely chocolate Guinness cupcake (window shopping never works).

I left the Market and headed into the nearest pub (the spread Eagle) as Thor had thrown a thunderstorm tantrum and I wanted to stay dry. I grabbed myself a pint of guinness and waited for the storm to blow over but half way through a mouthful of my drink the pub was struck by lightning and most of the pubs power died. So now I was sat in the dark choking on my Guinness (it was one of those ‘this is how it ends’ moments) when I did meet some lovely DV8 goers that had slipped into the pub to stay dry so it wasn’t all trauma!

The Savoy Ballroom 

After we played DV8fest last year we each agreed that it was one of the most fun shows we had ever played together When we got asked to perform again it for a second time we couldn’t believe or luck.

This year was even better for us than the previous, the audience were more attentive than last year (which we didn’t think possible). It is so refreshing to play for a crowd that actually dances, sings, shouts, claps and generally joins in with us
as we play. We genuinely wish that we could play for a crowd like this at every
show we do.

Thank you to everyone that stuck around afterwards to say hello. I know there was quite a few of you who came to buy our E.P when we had sold out. We would still love to send you our E.P out through the post, if your interested contact us thesavoyballroom@yahoo.com and we will send it out to you.

We hope that we see some of you again soon (hopefully before next years DV8).

Boxcar Aldous Huxley:             Image

This was a band I had wanted to watch since I discovered them way back in 2010 on the great Youtube channel Songs From The Shed performing their song ‘The Great Moon Hoax Of 1835’. The song is a refererence to a series of articles that were published in the New York Sun in 1835, about the supposed discovery of life and even civilization on the moon. I think this is what draws me in about this band, the songs are rich in storys and history.
Boxcars line up included a tuba, banjo, trombone, harmonium and a singing saw, I think those instruments alone are set to win the hearts of any alternative crowd!

Boxcar are one of those bands that give you so much to watch on stage, if you were not mesmerised already by their music then some of them had some spectacular facial hair to marvel at. They finished their set with a high energy number that ended with the frontman on his knees, discordantly playing his trombone. It was fantastic and i recommend you go watch them live if you missed them.

Release The Bats:

Unfortunately I didn’t catch much of this band due to me having to pack away all our instruments. However I  did catch the end of their set and they really had the crowd reved up. They had a full throttle rock sound which they say ‘is fit for dracula’ himself. The thing that sets them apart from other goth alt rock acts was their ability to go from rock and roll to the darker notes similar to a late Nick Cave.

RTB have released there debut E.P Nighty Night and it has been reviewed by Dominion magazine as “energetic, spooky and definitely rock and roll. The full length album cannot come soon enough.”

Jordan Reyne:

I had no idea what to expect from Jordan as I hadn’t listened to anything of hers prior to DV8. She began her set with the song ‘A Woman Scorned’ a hauntingly dark folk song which she created using only her voice and her loop pedal. Her opening line grabbed me straight away singing “oh I waited too long for my love to come home and the sea turned to serpants and foam, when his ghost to me it was covered in weeds and fishes had chewed him to bone”.

Her entire set had me completely mesmerised so much so that I bought her album when she finished and it really is worth every penny. As well as being an incredible singer/songwriter she was lovely to work with and I will definitely be going to watch her again soon!

Professor Elemental:

The Professor closed the night perfectly. His unique blend of Hip Hop and steampunk I like to call ‘Steam-Hop’ had everybody singing and shouting along, His performance included plenty of audience participation, he often jumped into the crowd and at one point he dragged a woman from the crowd onstage to perform a sleazy love song to her, needless to say she went a lovely shade of beetroot red as he thrust his groin at her whilst singing about her soft hair, it was brilliant!

Aside from putting on a magical, engaging and slightly surreal show he was a lovely chap and he mentioned he would love to do a gig with us at some point – we will keep you all posted on that one!

 Sunday 1st July

Sadly Alice Rock had to cancel their slot due to illness so the other stages took over for the first acts of the evening whilst the crowd trickled across to the Hobgoblin stereo stage – We hope they get better soon!

Fearless Vampire Killers:

FVK were up first, the crowd had gathered after watching the first acts at other venues and awaited their performance. This group of loud and lively lads had the audience nodding their heads and tapping their toes to their catchy chorus’s, it also seemed that a group of fans at the front were completely in awe of their performance.

Blackbeard’s Tea Party:

The wonderfully named Blackbeard’s Tea party have had a bit of a revamp of late, their new line up and sound completely blow away their old, which is saying something! The electronic folk – rock group were one of the most lively groups both on and off stage, they were dancing and shouting along to MR B backstage even straight after doing their own energetic performance, I am guessing their diet   consists purely of pro plus and energy drinks to conjure that much energy both on and off stage. This are one of Yorks finest bands at present and I would say bound for high places.

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer:

This show for me, was the best way to end what was a great festival. Mr B is an extroidinary performer, he set the Stereo page alive with his own unique twist on chap hop. He played his banjolele along to hip hop break beats and although it may sound odd it works perfectly. He did an incredible medley of ‘northern music’
which had everyone singing along with him. After watching his show i now really want a banjolele and a curly moustache. The energy was so high by the time he had finished that I think most of the crowd carried on the DV8 shenanigans to club night at the Duchess.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the festival, sadly we did not manage to visit the other stages so please let us know about the events elsewhere and what you thought of them, and any you wish to recommend to us!

until next year…
Chris :0)